Intelligent Robotic Welding

It is widely used for resistance spot welding and arc welding in high production applications such as robotic welding, automotive industry. Robotic welding maximizes speed, output and accuracy, especially for large or demanding welding. Manual processes cannot compete with the production efficiency and accuracy of a multi-process robotic welding work cell. As technology continues to advance, market demands for quality, speed and low costs are growing exponentially. Whether it's automating manual processes or upgrading legacy robot systems, market demands must be met in order to remain competitive.

Installing a robotic welding apparatus requires considerable time and money, planning and significant investments. However, companies applying robotic welding in their procedures have gained numerous long-term benefits. In the manufacturing industry, companies continuously strive to improve quality and productivity while keeping costs low. To make these advancements, manufacturing companies often turn to technology, and this is especially true in robotic welding applications.

Robotic welding is a challenging combination of welding, robotics, sensor technology, control systems and artificial intelligence. With increasing demands on quality, productivity and flexibility, precise and adaptable control of robotic welding processes has become an important goal for the development of modern systems. Detection technologies designed for welding and automation are the basic elements that provide this desired level of control. Sensors are applied to observe and measure process parameters that act as input sources to the control system. The control system adapts the output of the robotic welding process according to the defined welding procedure specifications by receiving and analyzing the input information from the sensors. Robotic welding meets the requirements for constant welding quality and increasing production capacity. Robot systems can be used to work 24/7. Combined with offline software that allows up to 10 times faster programming compared to online programming, programming of the next workpiece can be done while the robot is welding the previous one.

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SRDR Robotics, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemistry, Defense, Energy, Food, Medicine, Metal, Cosmetics, Stationery, Energy, Textile, Wood, Agriculture, Plastic, Weapons, Perfumery, Printing, Air Conditioning, Ship sectors for 25 years and more than 300 recommends and makes the best application for you with its project experience, SRDR Robotics is the solution partner you are looking for to find the right robotic solution. With its innovative solutions in robot technology, proven project management, equipment integration, and experienced engineering approach, it continues to create value for you, our valuable customers, in projects that require high technology. You can rely on us for your implementation, we explain to you what can be done at the beginning of the project, and we say it at the beginning without compromising our honesty and keep our promise for the things that cannot be done. Our aim is to help you simplify your operations by increasing your productivity, reducing your maintenance costs and optimizing your workforce, solving the problem, and providing a solution partnership to achieve more profitable production in the age of industrial 4.0 and digitalization.

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In the field of industrial production technologies, we have been working in the field of industrial production technologies for 25 years by adopting the subjects of "Value Added", "Competitiveness", "Technological Gain", "Continuity" and "Trust". SRDR offers a range of automated products to help our customers achieve their goals. We manufacture and integrate a wide variety of robotic and assembly systems used in production environments. We develop and provide complete solutions such as lines, visual engineering control, weight check, metal detectors and labeling.

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Robotic welding is an automatic welding process that involves the work of special robotic arms and automatic welding equipment. The most important advantages of a welding robot are first class quality and high performance. Robotic welding can be used in a wide variety of applications. Innovative Automation creates robotic welding solutions for small and medium sized products, from automotive seating components and structural subassemblies to wood stoves and even some post-weld processing in the kitchen sink.

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Robot welding is the use of mechanized programmable tools (robots) that fully automate a welding process both by performing the welding and machining the part. The development of automated welding solutions continues to be driven by the need for higher product quality, productivity and lower costs.

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