Flame Heat Treatment

Flame Curing

Flame hardening is one of the most widely used surface hardening methods. Metal surfaces, such as steel, are heated by high-temperature flames and then quenched. A hard surface is obtained as a result of flame hardening.

Flame Curing Process

Flame hardening is performed on mild steels, alloy steels, medium carbon steels and parts made of cast iron. Flame curing, as the name suggests, uses direct heat from oxy-gas flames.
Flame curing can be applied to all surfaces of parts. The temperature of the flame, its heating time, its speed, the temperature of the extinguishing process depend on the type of material.
The flame is based on gases that allow it to reach high and stable temperatures. In most cases, it contains oxygen and acetylene, as well as in some cases propane.
Flame Curing reaches a surface hardness of about 55-60 HRC depending on the base material. The enclosure depth can be anywhere between 0.050 ″ and 0.250 ″ (0.127 mm to 6.35 mm) depending on the intensity of flame curing.

Benefits of Flame Curing

Higher hardness surfaces occur.
Distortion remains low.
It has a shorter processing time compared to other surface hardening processes such as nitriding and carburizing.
Costs are lower.
In the plastic engineering industry, it is difficult to glue or overlap raw parts.
The surface condition of the parts must be changed to increase their surface energies and improve wettability.
Robotic systems commonly utilize 2 surface activation technologies:
The surface of the part is exposed to an oxidizing flame created by the combustion of a hydrocarbon such as propane or natural gas. Surface tension is obtained by the chemical action of the flame.
Atmospheric plasma:
Plasma is produced by an electrical discharge in a gas. The plasma jet emerges from a nozzle under the action of compressed air, and the reactive particles it contains activate the surface area of ​​the part.
In this sector, we produce robotic flaming cells or robotic atmospheric plasma by integrating tried and tested systems available on the market.

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