Intelligent Robotic Laser Surface Cleaning

Robotic surface finishing ,is a process that could be widely used in manufacturing technology industry for a variety of applications ranging from the aerospace to the automative to the ship industry, etc. This is a need that is partially addressed in industry through the robotic automation of processes such as deburring, grinding and finishing. However, little research and development has been performed in the actual surface finishing process itself.

The motivation, as in many applications, stems mainly from the current manuel fairing process and the complexity of automating the process. In the manual arena the factors that contribute to the need for the development of a robotic surface finishing workcell are: exposure of workers hands and arms to mechanical impact, vibrations, and the repetitivemotion, leading to workers fatigue and disability, human errors and inconsi stencies, the production of toxic dust and the shortage of skilled labor.

In the automation arena, factors that contribute to the need for a robotic surface finishing workcell are the complexity of the contoured surfaces to be finished, the lack of effective means for process monitoring, lack of feedback and real time adaptive control techniques and the slow and difficult programming process.


Every surface has small variations, so in order to achieve an even surface finish, the sander or polisher must meet the surface with a constant force and move with an even speed. SRDR Robotic a robotic system for surface finishing, including sanding and polishing small or large surfaces. It can be used for processing objects before they are painted. It also is useful for sanding molded pieces or composite materials. The speed is regulated electronically by the software. You will have an easier time managing your robot. Industrial robots are a crucial part of the progress of manufacturing industry. Robots evolve with many cutting-edge technologies. They are vision recognition, skill learning, failure prediction utilizing AI, new concept of man-machine-collaboration plus easy programming and so on. They will help improve productivity of manufacturing and expand the field of robot application.


SRDR robotic surface treatment robots
SRDR Robotic, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemistry, Defense, Energy, Food, Medicine, Metal, Cosmetics, Stationery, Energy, Textile, Wood, Agriculture, Plastic, Weapons, Perfumery, Printing, Air Conditioning, Ship more than 25 years and over 300 years With project experience, it recommends and makes the best application for you, SRDR Robotics is your perfect solution partner to find the right robotic solution. With its innovative solutions in robot technology, proven project management, equipment integration, and experienced engineering approach, it continues to create value for its valued customers in projects that require high technology. You can rely on us for your application, explain what can be done at the beginning of the project, and we will tell you at the beginning of the work without compromising our honesty for work that cannot be done and keep our promise. Our goal is to help you simplify your operations by increasing your productivity, reducing your maintenance costs and optimizing your workforce, solving the problem, and providing a solution partnership to achieve more profitable production in the age of industrial 4.0 and digitalization.


Automatic surface treatments
With more than 25 years of experience, project management and equipment integration experience, SRDR Robotics is your solution partner to find the right robotic solution for your application. You can rely on us, explain what can be done at the beginning of the project, and we will tell and keep our promise at the beginning of the work without compromising our honesty for work that cannot be done. Our goal is to help you simplify your operations and solve the problem by increasing your efficiency, reducing your maintenance costs and optimizing your workforce.


Low cost high efficiency
Robotic surface finishing applications is one of SRDR Robotic’s core competences within robot solutions. SRDR Robotic does it all including all necessary conversions of existing facilities so that everything works together in perfect harmony with the robot. We test the cell thoroughly before delivery thereby shortening the commissioning period on the customer’s premises.


Provides long-lasting high improvement
We have been working constinuously for 25 years in the field of industrial production Technologies to build ‘’Value Added’’, ‘’Competitiveness’’, ‘’Technological Gain’’, ‘’Continuity’’ and ‘’Trust’’ in the field of industrial production Technologies. SRDR supplies a full range of automated products to help our customers meet their goals. We produce and integrate a full range of robotic and assembly systems utilized in manufacturing environments.


Benefits of robotic surface finishing
Constant force – The force will be kept constant throughout the finishing process, unless the settings are changed.
Avoid over or under-polishing – By adapting to the surface contours using the 6-axes, the sensor avoids applying too much or too little force.
Manual path recording – The operator can set up a manual path for the robot to follow in minutes.
Adapts to the environment – The sensor can find the orientation of the object and correct the tool orientation automatically.
Detects collision – Avoids collision with surface protrusions or other tools.


Potential Applications
These technologies can be deployed to various industry sectors which include:

Aerospace: Intelligent deburring and polishing of critical features for components. Smart assembly for component manufacturing

Heavy industry: Automated cleaning, masking applications, machine tending and part handling between processes

Production line: Inherent safety features and flexibility of collaborative robots allows robots to work alongside human counterparts to accomplish a variety tasks in assembly lines


Advantages of robotic surface finishing;
• Good surface finish
• Good form and locational accuracy
• Dimensional accuracy
• Applicable to both hardened and unhardened material
• The fastest & most accurate method of achieving flatness with the ultimate degree of surface finish.
• Stress free process without thermal distortion
• Rapid turnaround of work ! No fixing or clambing required facilitating a rapid set up.
• High productivity at low cost can be obtained.
• Complex profile machining
• Surface finish produced is very smooth
• Ability to print parts with good mechanical strength
• Relatively low cost
• More reliable and effective
• Less Expensive
• Faster
• The results can be tested anda re repetable
• Long lasting, uniform, high treatment levels


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