Intelligent Robotic Cutting

Robotic cutting is the process of removing material from a workpiece or dividing the workpiece into smaller, distinct pieces. Cutting robots are extremely precise and accurate while increasing speed. Reduced cutting errors reduce product waste. Depending on the product material, the type of cut you want to apply will help determine the type of blade or cutter required. Choose from a variety of customized or pre-designed cutters to attach to the end of the robot arm. Robots offer incredible freedom to cut complex shapes. This will save time in the later assembly stages. A smart cutting robot is a real money-saver for your entire production flow. Barriers in pipelines can cause unnecessary expense and inconvenience to residential and industrial customers. If not handled, obstructions in pipelines can cause pipeline damage such as blockages, and further treatment may be required to resolve the problem.

If dealt with over time, we can eliminate these obstacles without the need for digging or repairing pipes or drains. SRDR Robotics can remove problematic obstacles in pipelines with its state-of-the-art Robotic Cutter. Robotic cutting allows manufacturers to save time and money while increasing production in their facilities. By using robot cutting, manufacturers also keep workers away from hazardous environments full of hazardous environments. Robotic cutting is completed using a variety of cutting robots that reduce downtime and increase efficiency without the need for excavation. It is the ideal preparation method for pipeline rehabilitation.

Integration of automated manufacturing processes If cutting or welding is done, as soon as your manufacturing process is adapted to automation, you will be ahead of your competition in today's market. SRDR takes the responsibility for the development of single machines or complete systems, integration into existing production lines, as well as functionality. Along with the best innovations in robotic cutting technology, together with our highly skilled operators, we have the ability to open lateral joints accurately and quickly in a wide variety of pipes.

Compact solutions suitable for every sector
SRDR Robotics, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemistry, Defense, Energy, Food, Medicine, Metal, Cosmetics, Stationery, Energy, Textile, Wood, Agriculture, Plastic, Weapons, Perfumery, Printing, Air Conditioning, Ship sectors for 25 years and more than 300 recommends and makes the best application for you with its project experience, SRDR Robotics is the solution partner you are looking for to find the right robotic solution. With its innovative solutions in robot technology, proven project management, equipment integration, and experienced engineering approach, it continues to create value for you, our valuable customers, in projects that require high technology. You can rely on us for your implementation, we explain to you what can be done at the beginning of the project, and we say it at the beginning without compromising our honesty and keep our promise for the things that cannot be done. Our aim is to help you simplify your operations by increasing your productivity, reducing your maintenance costs and optimizing your workforce, solving the problem, and providing a solution partnership to achieve more profitable production in the age of industrial 4.0 and digitalization.

High production rates
With over 25 years of experience, project management and equipment integration experience, SRDR Robotics is the solution partner you are looking for to find the right robotics solution for your application. You can trust us, we explain to you what can be done at the beginning of the project, and we say it at the beginning without compromising our honesty for the things that cannot be done and we keep our word. Our goal is to help you simplify your operations and solve the problem by increasing your efficiency, reducing your maintenance costs and optimizing your workforce.

Improved quality
We manufacture and integrate a wide variety of robotic and assembly systems used in production environments. We develop and provide complete solutions such as lines, visual engineering control, weight check, metal detectors and labeling. By having robotic cutters in our fleet of specialist equipment, we can also cut and remove a wide variety of obstacles in your pipes.

The cutting process to be applied is defined in the following basic parameters:
Material type (MS, SS, Plastic / Polymers, Metals)
• Thickness
• slowing down
Job profile

• It works silently and smoothly.
• Time loss is reduced.
• There is a minimum number of components and therefore the assembly is easier to maintain.
• Provides high production rate.
Precise computer controlled
• Low Costs
• Efficiency and Speed ​​Improvements
• Increased Versatility
• Increases in Customer Satisfaction
• Increases Employee Productivity. Takes less space.
Improved working environment
• Workpiece material properties such as hardness have no effect
Simultaneous material removal
• No burr formation
Low equipment cost
Easy and fast design changes
• Less skilled worker requirement
Low mold costs
Good surface quality
• Using decorative piece production

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