Intelligent Robotic Palletizing & Packing Robots

Intelligent Robotic Palletizing & Packing Robots

Robot Palletizing applications design standard and customized palletizing systems that can increase productivity and save money. Robot Palletizer's modular design offers flexibility, high efficiency and easy handling. Our robot palletizing systems are flexible. We can meet the packaging and palletizing needs of almost all of your products, including glass, tin, sacks, carboys, parcels, frozen food, palletizing, buckets, trays, food, bags, boxes, pouches, crates, bottles, barrels, barrels, jars, trays. . Our proven designs come with guaranteed usage rates and safety features that are both fast and reliable. At SRDR Robotics, we take our commitment to quality and support seriously, and we look forward to helping your business grow. By automating your work with a palletizing robot, you can increase the consistency of your loading and unloading processes. With over 25 years of experience, broad vision and vast experience in conveyor types, you can count on SRDR Robotics to find the right robotics solution for your application. Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of industrial markets, especially the manufacturing industry. The most important advantage of the smart factory system is that every stage of the production process is under control. SRDR Robotics users use various functions of Access control. In addition, palletizing with robots is more advantageous in terms of occupational safety and negative effects on human health. An automated storage and retrieval system is a strategic solution to gain competitive advantage. SRDR's flexible automated storage/access systems (AS/RS) provide the ability to adapt to changing market conditions, now and in the future.


RDR Palletizing & Packaging Robots

SRDR Robotics, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemistry, Defense, Energy, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Metal, Cosmetics, Stationery, Energy, Textile, Wood, Agriculture, Plastic, Weapons, Perfumery, Printing, Air Conditioning, Ship industries for 25 years and With more than 300 project experience, it recommends and makes the best application for you, SRDR Robotics is the solution partner you are looking for to find the right robotic solution. With its innovative solutions in robot technology, proven project management, equipment integration, and experienced engineering approach, it continues to create value for you, our valued customers, in projects that require high technology. You can count on us for your implementation, we explain what can be done at the beginning of the project, and we keep our word at the beginning without compromising our integrity for the work that cannot be done. Our goal is to help you streamline your operations by increasing your productivity, reducing your maintenance costs and optimizing your workforce, solving the problem, and providing a solution partner for you to achieve more profitable production in the age of industrial 4.0 and digitalization. Be the fastest in palletizing and depalletizing! It refers to the process of loading a similar device in a defined way. Palletizing refers to the process of unloading the opposite of the loaded object. Palletizing robots increase productivity and save time Today, many factories and facilities have automated their applications with some form of palletizing robot solution. Robotic palletizing technology provides greater flexibility to run products longer while increasing productivity and profitability. Use your palletizing robots without having to teach them on any project. A robot control system with built-in palletizing functionality makes it possible to load and unload an object without spending much time teaching it. Robotic work cells can be integrated into any project.


Have problems with the product or raw material palletizing process?

SRDR Robot Packaging systems also manufactures and integrates systems to help you DePalletize your products. Our system flexibility is available in various sizes of boxes, cartons, bags, cans, barrels, etc. It will make the palletizing processes of your products easier. Adapting a custom solution from our entire line of robots, standard handling modules and robust palletizing software will help you to instantly deliver greater productivity. Revolutionizing robotic solutions With over 25 years of experience, broad vision and conveyor experience, SRDR Robotics' will find the right robotic solution for your application. you can trust. Our goal is to help you streamline your operations by increasing your productivity, reducing your maintenance costs and optimizing your workforce. Palletizing is one of SRDR Robotics' core competencies within robot solutions. In general, we can palletize any type of product – our imagination is the limit! The use of robots in palletizing results in efficiency, operational reliability, focus on the working environment and above all: uniformity. All product palletization methods can be automated. It is relatively easy to install a robot on an existing production line that packs cardboard and plastic boxes as well as containers. This is done while maintaining your flexibility and efficiency. SRDR Robotics does everything including all necessary conversions of existing facilities so that everything works in perfect harmony with the robot.


High standardization

SRDR offers a range of automated products to help our customers achieve their goals. We manufacture and integrate a wide variety of robotics and assembly systems used in manufacturing environments. We develop and provide complete solutions such as lines, visual engineering control, weight control, metal detectors and labeling. Advances in computational power, software development techniques, and networking technologies have made the assembly, installation, and maintenance of robots faster and less costly than before. SRDR Robotics' proven industrial quality and innovative designs offer the best value in durable, long-lasting palletizing solutions. SRDR designs and develops state-of-the-art equipment using the latest technologies for application in advanced automation systems and robotics solutions. High system availability and easy useSmart Factory software provides full integration of today's technology products with the seamless Industry 4.0 infrastructure. With IoT 4 technology, you can integrate all the production devices in your factory into the SmartFactory software. By implementing belt conveyor systems, we help our customers deliver their orders accurately and on time. Whether you're transporting individual products, whole boxes or pallets, we're here to help you with everything.


Improve work quality for workers

Optimizing production frees your workers from lots of heavy and repetitive lifting throughout the entire workday. This means fewer occupational injuries and in the long run leads to a better work environment and more satisfied employees. Our main goal is to enable customers to save time in repetitive production cycles and increase safety in operations that are often considered risky for personnel. All this increases efficiency and makes customers more competitive in the market. Projects are designed according to the wishes of our customers, we choose robots and equipment.



• Save on labor costs and provide a better and more economical working environment.

• High palletizing performance, high profitability

• No package damage due to gentle product handling and adaptive gripping process

• High system availability and ease of use

• More efficiency thanks to multi-layer collection

• Low noise level thanks to servo drive approach

• Accurate layer placement thanks to integrated layer centering

• Product does not fall out in case of power failure

• Secure gripping of layers even with holes and gaps in the pallet pattern

• Maximum cost effectiveness short cycle times

• Minimum number of pallets

• Maximum packaging density

• High level of standardization (reducing costs)

• A scalable system concept adapted to your production requirements

• Small footprint

• Various mounting options save space.

• Robots are ideal for limited spaces.

• Minimum maintenance and spare parts requirements .

• High degree of flexibility thanks to the modular system.

• Fast, easy and automatic switching to different package types and sizes

• Safe and precise palletizing with layer gripper and integrated centering device

• Robot equipment can be reused in case of production change

• Handling of a wide variety of products and packaging types.

• High flexibility of the palletizing line due to the use of robots.

• Improving work quality for employees.

• Increase production throughput rates and product production flexibility.

• Reduce material waste and increase efficiency.

• Follow safety rules and improve health and safety in the workplace.

• Reduce workforce turnover.

• Improved competitiveness.

• Y Avoid clutter and distraction.

• High-quality surface for every manufactured product.

• Use robots to achieve continuous production.

• A robot can handle a variety of tasks.

• Reduce breakage, scrap and waste.

• Robots can take on unpleasant or health-threatening tasks

.• Reduce labor turnover and the difficulty of recruiting workers.

• Ensure a fast and efficient order.

• Protect workers from injury due to physically strenuous work.


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